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Submission Guidelines


All Films must be 5 minutes or less
Including all credits and title cards.


Categories: Narrative, Non-fiction (incl. Documentary & Experimental), Animation
Films can be of any genre such as documentary, comedy, drama, etc. but must not be of a commercial nature, i.e. promote a product, brand or company. Note that we are not accepting anything that would classically be referred to as a Music Video at this time.


Film submissions will be completed through Film Freeway
By submitting through FilmFreeway you are agreeing to NOT request a screening fee as a requirement for your film's participation in the festival, should your film get selected for the program. Submission fee for entry to Tiny Film Fest is $25 per film***


All submission fees are non-refundable


Filmmakers can submit up to two films, though note that only one film per filmmaker may be selected for Official Festival Screening
Please note that each film requires separate submissions and will require additional submission fees.


Submitters will be issued a receipt for submissions by email. If your receipt is not received within 14 working days after your submission please contact Tiny Film Fest through the email address


The submitter must have the legal authority to submit the film and to have the work screened publicly including any necessary permissions.
All content within the film must be wholly original and not infringe on the rights of any third party. If the Film includes a soundtrack which is not original (i.e. composed and recorded by yourself) you MUST obtain clearance for use in the Film. Please contact the bodies established in your country that handle licensing of music. 


Submission does not guarantee selection for screening or competition


The judging criteria of the Film will be based on the film originality, style, impact and overall finished quality
Any film with explicit content (of an explicitly sexual or violent nature) will be carefully considered. Tiny Film Fest reserves the right to disqualify incomplete, altered or illegible entries.


Entries including significant non-English dialogue should include on screen English subtitles
Except for moments/films when it serves the narrative to have no translation


Selected films will be asked to submit a duplicate version of their film with ADA compliant captions for an inclusionary audience screening option.


All submissions, regardless of Official Festival Selection status, may have the opportunity for their film to be hosted on the Festival's virtual screening platform that will premiere the day of the festival.


The Tiny Film Fest will not have proprietary rights to the films and they are owned completely by the filmmakers
However, the filmmakers will grant Tiny Film Fest the non-exclusive right to screen the film for the purposes of promoting the Film, the Film Festival and the Organizers. They also grant Tiny Film Fest permission to use excerpts of the Film in trailers, clips and compilation videos for the purposes of promoting the Film, the Film Festival and the Organizers, as well as using the materials for sharing with any relevant Press

***Any filmmaker in need of a fee waiver, please contact


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Thanks for submitting!

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